Chimpact Run


Join Chuck the Chimp and friends in this fast-paced jungle runner. Play is simple: Tap to jump, tap twice to double jump, and hold to glide as you descend. Race your way through the tropical island worlds, collecting bananas as you run. Cash them in for coins and gear up before each level to unleash a massive array of power-ups. Soar on magic carpets, ride on rockets, skate on roller-boots, and even wear your own superhero costume. Be careful as you go - the jungle is filled with hostile creatures and deadly traps, although the right power-ups can turn them to your advantage. Chuck isn’t alone on this mission; extra characters can be unlocked, and each one will boost your banana bonus. • Explore glorious jungle-themed island worlds. • Unleash a massive array of awesome power-ups including skateboard, jetpack, magic carpet and freeze ray. • Cool characters to unlock from Chuck’s chimp family. • Score points to rank up and collect 100 wacky costumes. • Game Center leaderboards and achievements.


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Chimpact Run